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Hydraulic Press Machine

  • BS300 CNC high-speed precision stamping production line
  • Poduct Number: 25-57-43
  • Class: Hydraulic Press Machine
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Product brief introduction:

BS300 high speed precision press with four column split cast fuselage, three straight biography moving structure, 11 bit high rigid guidance, improve the rigidity and accuracy of actual movement, at up to 600SPM. The host uses the Japanese JIS-B-6402 super precision standards, performance reached the international advanced level, widely used in high performance motor, high performance compressor products such as multiple rows of progressive die stamping. BS300 high speed stamping production line can be configured to rack, leveling and high-speed precision feeding machine.

Main functions and features:

The fuselage uses the two section type high strength cast iron structure, four locking screw tight, body rigidity;
Imported combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake, the noise is small, the clutch torque, braking angle is small, long service life;
Ten point type crankshaft support structure of crankshaft, connecting rod, supported by static pressure bearing, can increase the strength of crankshaft, small deformation, good rigidity, the eccentric load resistance ability;
Imported without large clearance of bearing ball guide pin guide bush guide, ensure the slide guiding accuracy;
Double dynamic balance system, can reduce machine vibration and noise, prolong the service life of the die;
Hydraulic control locking device, make sure that the slider bottom center precision;
The oil ring lubrication system, a circuit fault alarm function;
The cylinder type balance device, balance slide block and the upper weight, make the press to run more smoothly;
Using frequency converter speed regulation motor, stroke frequency adjustable;
By using the programmable cam controller ( encoder ), convenient operation, reliable performance;
The temperature control system, using the thermal compensation technology, precise control of bottom center precision;
he machine adopts the heat balance design, body temperature to maintain balance, maintain the bottom center precision;
Hydraulic quick die change guide, in order to replace the mold;
An increase in mold clamping solution structure, in the mold clamping die convenient detachment.


Name Unit BS300
Nominal capacity KN 3000
Nominal power stroke mm 3
Slide stroke mm 30
Stroke number spm 200~600
Maximum die height mm 470
Die height adjustment mm 50
Dimension of the working table  About  mm 2300
 Before and after  mm 1100
Slide bottom size  About  mm 2300
 Before and after  mm 800
Distance Between Column  About  mm 2330
 Before and after  mm 450
Motor KW 45
Size mm 4310*2710*3990
Weight t 65
Air Pressure Kg/cm2 5.5
Power V/Hz 380/50

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