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Slitter Lines

  • Slitter Lines
  • Poduct Number: 25-54-29
  • Class: Slitter Lines
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ZJY0.3-2.0×1250(1600) ZJY1.0-6.0×1600 ZJY3.0-12.0×2000
Coil Material δs≤230N/mm2,Cold-rolled Coil,Hot-rolled Coil,Stainless Coil,Galvanized Coil
Coil Thickness 0.2~1.8mm 0.3~2.0mm 1.0~6.0mm 3.0~12.0mm
Coil Width 100~500mm 800~12500(1600)mm 800~1600mm 1000~2000mm
Coil Weight ≤5T ≤20T(25T) ≤25T ≤30T
Coil O.D φ508mm φ508mm φ508mm,φ610mm,φ760mm φ610mm,φ760mm,φ820mm
Coil O.D


≤φ2000mm ≤φ2000mm ≤φ2000mm
Strip Width ≥25mm ≥30mm ≥50mm ≥80mm
Number of Strip 5~15 8~20 5~15 4~15
Slitting Accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.15mm ±0.25mm ±0.3mm
Line Speed 0~60m/min 0~150m/min 0~60m/min 0~30m/min
Electrical Control System PLC Automatic control PLC Automatic control PLC Automatic control PLC Automatic control
Standard power source 380V50Hz 380V50Hz 380V50Hz 380V50Hz

The power source can make to order based on your country industrial power supply.

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